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Life Insurance and Living Benefits


Our number one concern is our client’s financial stability and financial future.


Life Insurance and living benefits are the cornerstone of all cohesive and holistic financial planning.  We specialize and focus on the utilization of permanent cash value investment grade, whole life insurance coverage.  This asset class for the past 50 years, has never failed to yield positive dividends (take a look).  As such, we structure it corporately to create a fixed income portfolio for our clients. 

IRONWealth Ltd. and its team of financial advisors are dedicated to ensuring you have the proper life and living benefits solutions in place. As an independent broker we have access to the entire marketplace and can therefore provide our clients with the most affordable and appropriate solution to fit their needs.


IRONWealth Ltd. prides itself on an extremely high level of expertise and care in dealing with our client’s financial picture. We take the time to explore each individual situation thoroughly and determine what needs are present, before proceeding to a recommendation. We educate our clients and develop their acuity in the field of financial and risk management, just like a coach trains and develops a professional athlete to perform at his or her best.


Life Insurance:

  • Income replacement for families
  • Buy/Sell agreements between shareholders
  • Key person coverage for corporate clients
  • Corporate Insured Retirement Programs (IRP)
  • Retirement Compensation Arrangement’s (RCA’s)
  • Estate taxation requirements


Living Benefits

  • Critical Illness Insurance, both individually and corporately held
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance


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