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Employee Benefits & Pension Plans


Employee Benefits


IRONWealth Ltd., has a strategic alliance with Advanced Benefits Consulting Inc., and together we provide Group Benefit solutions for companies of all sizes across Canada.


Our team will conduct a thorough benefit plan audit and make recommendations for improvements, identify cost savings and if required, conduct competitive reviews of existing plans.  We create and design the implementation strategies for a client’s group benefit plan.  We assist our clients in the communication of this strategy to their employees.  At the annual renewal, rates will be analyzed and alternative quotes will be obtained to ensure their continued competitiveness.

Our strategic alliance with Advanced Benefits Consulting Inc., provides us with the leading edge in Group Benefits analysis and implementation.

Pension Plans


IRONWealth Ltd., performs the role as independent pension plan broker for your Group RRSPs and Defined Contribution Pension Plans.


A team of experts advises and assists in the implementation and review of pension plans with special attention to employee communication and investment education.

Our Pension Plan Process

  1. We develop Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) Strategies for our Group Clients in concert with their Pension Committees.
  2. These CAP Strategies, define the criteria we utilize to identify the appropriate Record Keeper/Insurer and subsequent investment menu.
  3. We complete all ‘Record Keeper’ (Insurer) searches and structure an appropriate investment menu for our clients and their employees. 
  4. We will implement and execute the strategy, including role out to all plan members.
  5. We conduct annual reviews of the CAP Strategy with our clients Pension Committees.


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