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Anne Nicholls

Senior Account Executive People Corporation

Anne Nicholls


Anne is responsible for the ongoing financial and administrative management of her associates and their clients as it relates to group life and health insurance products and services. One of Anne’s passions in addition to being an advocate of both associates and their clients is that of a lobbyist for the employees of those corporate clients as well. This involves acting on an employee’s behalf, to navigate through the various government programs as well as corporate affairs departments and pharmaceutical companies.


Anne began her career as an underwriter for a large Canadian insurer. She progressed through various departments with her final role being, Underwriting Consultant Corporate Accounts. In 1993, Anne moved to the marketing department of the same company where for the next 6 years, grew that division of responsibility from 22 million to 50 million of premium under management. In 1999, Anne joined a national consulting company responsible for the retention and ongoing financial and relationship management of a large block of South Western Ontario associates and their clients.


In her spare time, Anne works with the elderly housed in senior living centers. She also takes part in activities with young children and enjoys cooking for friends and family.


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