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  • 02/15/2018

    Can we retire now?

    Retirement rules of thumb...


  • 01/05/2018

    Get richer, faster with early TFSA & RRSP contributions

    When it comes to saving through registered savings plans, most of us make two very costly mistakes


  • 12/15/2017

    What is stopping you from financial success?

    Here are three common negative thought patterns, associated with money, and some suggestions on how to vanquish them.


  • 11/01/2017

    This is a must read for all Family Business Owners!

    4 Reasons Why You Need to Schedule Family Business Meetings


  • 09/21/2017

    5 Signs you’re on track to achieve financial success

    “You do not determine your success by comparing yourself to others. You determine your success by comparing your accomplishments to your capabilities.” – Zig Ziglar


  • 08/31/2017

    Will or Estate Plan?

    Many Canadians don’t have a valid will or estate plan. Estate planning books for Canadians


  • 07/27/2017

    How helping your adult kids financially became the new normal

    One of the biggest 21st-century paradigm shifts in personal finance could be the growing extent to which parents are financially supporting their adult children.


  • 06/28/2017

    5 tips for handling an inheritance the right way

    Over the next 10 to 20 years, the aging phenomenon will have a massive impact on inheritance planning. Here are some tips for handling an inheritance or any lump sum of money:


  • 05/31/2017

    Investors are their own worst enemy

    This is how much emotion-driven decision making is costing investors


  • 04/28/2017

    Turning Savings into Income

    A practical guide to RRIFs


  • 03/28/2017

    Wealth brings extra burden in planning for illness, disability

    None of us plan to get sick or injured and suddenly find ourselves unable to work but it can happen.





Don Andrews is the President of IRONWealth Ltd.  Along with his staff and strategic partners, he specializes in advising and implementing time tested capital preservation strategies for high net worth individuals, families and businesses.  Don utilizes integrity based wealth management solutions for his clients.  The name of the company was derived from his long term commitment to preparing and racing Ironman events around the World.

Attention to detail, accuracy under pressure and conservative behaviour in complex situations are hallmarks of his current popularity with clients in the practice. IRONWealth's professionals are capably supported by a team of administration, technical and underwriting specialists whose teamwork and follow-through are setting new standards of service excellence in building lifetime relationships with the expanding client base.


‘Knowledge, Focus, Discipline and Strength’ define our practice.

IRONWealth Ltd., strives to be recognized as a leading authority in Canada on the use of life insurance for estate planning purposes, for executives and professionals, business owners, high net worth families and their advisors. 



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