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  • 09/26/2016

    Teaching kids about today’s most taboo topic - money

    Schools are now trying to fill in some of the gaps we have in financial literacy - the idea being that if you tackle it early, you can instill in students a lifetime of knowledge.


  • 08/29/2016

    Picture yourself in retirement long before you retire

    Your future self will thank you for the planning you do now. What are your retirement plans?


  • 08/03/2016

    Reasons Why People Retire Broke

    It's hard to believe that 40% of Canadians wouldn't be able to pay for an unexpected $200 expense without going into debt. Don't become one of them.


  • 06/25/2015

    Life after retirement...

    Health care costs require careful planning


  • 05/20/2015


    Here’s a useful analogy to help with the transition from saving to spending in retirement. The 5 ‘wealth zones’ of decumulation.


  • 04/22/2015

    Protect Your Estate

    How to protect your estate and keep the peace.


  • 03/25/2015

    Stress-Free Money Management

    10 tips that every couple needs to know to handle their money well.


  • 02/24/2015

    RRSP Season is Here

    3 basic RRSP principles everyone should know for RRSP success.





Don Andrews is the President of IRONWealth Ltd.  Along with his staff and strategic partners, he specializes in advising and implementing time tested capital preservation strategies for high net worth individuals, families and businesses.  Don utilizes integrity based wealth management solutions for his clients.  The name of the company was derived from his long term commitment to preparing and racing Ironman events around the World.

Attention to detail, accuracy under pressure and conservative behaviour in complex situations are hallmarks of his current popularity with clients in the practice. IRONWealth's professionals are capably supported by a team of administration, technical and underwriting specialists whose teamwork and follow-through are setting new standards of service excellence in building lifetime relationships with the expanding client base.


‘Knowledge, Focus, Discipline and Strength’ define our practice.

IRONWealth Ltd., strives to be recognized as a leading authority in Canada on the use of life insurance for estate planning purposes, for executives and professionals, business owners, high net worth families and their advisors. 



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